European Immigration


The rights of free movement of Europeans citizens in the UK is coming to an end as a result of BREXIT. Europeans who wish to remain in the UK WILL need to apply for setlled status or pre settled status. Our experiance lawyers can help you to apply. Contact us today on 0208 801 7422.

The Surinder Singh Route

Applying for a UK Spouse Visa (Marriage Visa) to live with your British partner in the UK can be a difficult and momentous and our lawyers understand that applying on your own be a stressful experience.

For a start the British national needs to be working in the UK and earning a minimum of £18,600 before they can sponsor thier partner.

However using the Surinder Singh Route the foreign partner can live in the Republic of Ireland with their British partner and gain a marriage visa there and then move to the UK if they wish, without the need to apply via the UK immigration laws. Our lawyers can advise on this so contact them today 0208 801 7422 or complete the on-line contact form.