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The Legal Guys are a private Immigration Law Consultancy company founded by Roland White and Olive White over 6 years ago, to provide a high-class service to the migrant community.

We are a professional premiere immigration service based in Tottenham North London. We have years of experience and we have clients throughout the UK and internationally.

We specialise in all areas of immigration law and can assist both individuals and businesses with their immigration problems.  We regularly represent clients in the First and Second Tier Immigration Tribunals in appeals against deportation from the UK or on their Leave to Remain applications. We also help clients throughout the world with entry clearence applications

We also represent clients who wish to claim asylum in the UK because they are in fear of their life’s if they go back to their home country.

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Olive White PhD, MA


Olive holds a Doctorate in Theology and a Master's degree in marketing. She held several key management posts in a UK blue chip company before retraining to become an Immigration Lawyer. She is an O.I.S.C registered lawyer and she is also a trainer in immigration law. She has several years of experience in the practice of immigration law. She is passionate about Human Rights and defending people’s rights to family life in the UK. She is a Partner at the Legal Guys. In her spare time, she enjoys watching and playing netball.


Roland White CEng, BEng(Hons), PDL(Law),GDL(Law)


Roland first qualified as a chartered engineer, working within the civil service and several UK blue chip companies before undertaking a law conversion degree at Woosley Hall Oxford. He then studied and passed his solicitors exams at the prestigious BPP Law School. He has also passed the Law Society Immigration Senior Caseworker exams. He is an O.I.S.C registered lawyer as well as a Law Society Immigration & Asylum accredited lawyer. He has many years of experience as a lawyer and is passionate about helping families stop their family members from being removed from the UK. He is the Head of Practice at the Legal Guys. His hobbies include Judo and Jujitsu and he has competed in these arts at national and international level.  He also holds a 6th Dan black belt.


The Law Society Accredited

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